Waste King Legend Series Garbage Disposers

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  Waste King Legend Series Garbage Disposal - Food Waste Disposers
Waste King Legend Series
Warranty Info

Do I need to register my unit?
Waste King by Anaheim Manufacturing Co. does not require you to register your unit. We do ask that you write down your model and serial number on your owner’s manual and/or bill of sale, sales slip, canceled check or other purchase record kept to verify the original purchase date for warranty purposes.

Where do I locate my model and/or serial number?
You can locate this information on the label affixed to the bottom of the food waste disposer.

What is in-home warranty?
In-home warranty is if any Waste King Legend disposer during its warranty period develops a material or mechanical defect (also known as a manufacturers defect) will be replaced in your home free of charge. Please call our customer service representatives at 800-854-3229 and they will be more than happy to assist you. Please have your model and serial ready for our agent to assist you in a timely manner.

What’s the warranty on my disposal?
See Specification Sheets for model purchased.

Waste King In-Home Service/Replacement Warranty
Waste King's In-Home Service warranties cover all replacement parts and repair labor to correct defects in material and workmanship for the full term of the warranty from the date of purchase. If service is requested during the warranty period Waste King will replace or repair the disposer in the customer's home at no charge. This kind of warranty demonstrates the Waste King
commitment to quality.

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  Waste King Legend Series Garbage Disposal

No Kitchen is complete without a Waste King Garbage Disposer! 
AMC Kitchen Appliances (Anaheim Manufacturing) presents Waste King Garbage Disposers. At Wave Plumbing, we believe that Waste King food waste disposers are the best garbage disposal units on the market. The Waste King commitment to quality is backed by the longest In-Home warranties in the industry. Waste King Disposers include removable splash guards that aid in internal inspection and, unlike old style "fixed" splash guards, can be easily cleaned. Waste King fast and easy mounting systems are precision engineered to facilitate assembly.

Longer Warranty than ISE.  No Jam Wrench Necessary!
Waste King Legend Series garbage disposals turn higher RPMs than other brands. Waste King disposers are "Vortex" powered with permanent magnet motors. These energy efficient, high speed motors liquefy food waste just like a blender liquefies food. These motors produce more power per pound than any other disposer, and virtually eliminates jamming. The Waste King exclusive 180 degree stainless steel swivel impellers reduce jamming to the point that a jam wrench is an obsolete piece of equipment. All units include corrosion proof grinding chambers, constructed with the most durable glass filled nylon for long lasting performance. This design eliminates "Dishwasher Connection Rot". Every garbage disposal unit features a front mounted reset button. You will never need to search for the reset button because it is so easy to locate and engage. For properly sized systems, our units are septic safe, making it environmentally friendly.


We are not the manufacturer! We are the leading authorized reseller of Waste King Garbage Disposals & Products. This website is operated by WavePlumbing.com. To get parts, service or warranty information please call Anaheim Manufacturing at 800-854-3229. Browse Waste King Commercial Disposers.



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