Waste King Residential Disposals

Waste King is our premier disposal brand. Waste King residential (home) garbage disposals are available in two types of mounting systems - EZ Mount and Professional 3-Bolt Mount. The 3-bolt mounting system has all stainless steel mounting components, the EZ mounting system has plastic and aluminum mounting components. The 3-bolt mounting system has a non removable hush cushion (splash guard), the EZ mounting system has a removable splash guard.

There are no differences with the motors or performance. The EZ mount system is true to its name, it is indeed easier to work with than the 3 bolt system. Neither garbage disposal style is considered better than the other. They are both very durable mounting systems. It is solely a product preference.

Waste King residential disposals come in two types of feeds - continuous feed and batch feed:

  • Continuous feed - these models are activated via a wall switch or sink-mounted air switch
  • Batch feed - these models are activated by the drain cover, providing a safer grind
Waste King EZ Mount and 3-Bolt Mount
PRO TIP: Buy a new kitchen disposal as part of your home improvement plans. When you install a new dishwasher or sink, you'll save on installation charges since they both use the same drain and electric sources.

Waste King Product Finder

HP People Usage Models
1/3 1-2 Limited L-111, 9910
1/2 1-2 Low L-1001, L-2600, 9920, 9930
3/4 2-4 Average L-3200, L-5000TC, 9940, 9900TC
1 4+ Heavy L-8000, L8000TC, 9980


Manufacturer Resources

Waste King EZ-Mount Specification Sheets

Waste King 3-Bolt Specification Sheets

PRO TIP: Extend disposal lifespan and enhance personal safety by learning the types of food waste safe for disposals.

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